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Clark Superman

Superman MovieVerse Awards - How'd That Happen?

This was a stunning surprise.  Thanks to everyone who made this happen.  I really wasn't expecting this.  As I've articulated in prior posts, just getting nominated was honor enough.  But to have won in two of the categories?  Totally unexpected.  Thanks, guys. 

Also please don't forget to check out the other winners and nominees from the Final Winners List - Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards 2009.


I was so happy to see you win these, Brian! :D
Thanks. And to think that when I started, I hardly expected anyone to even read the stories, let alone support it like this. I also have better stories out there than they otherwise would have been due to the effort of my betas. So, thanks again.

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It was a long time coming and totally deserved, Brian. It was an honor to lose these categories to you. Hell, I even nommed you a few times. :D
Thanks for the support, though I'm still a bit stunned. This story was much better received that I ever though it would be.

Well, if nothing else, this should prove to the naysayers that these awards weren't a popularity contest. Otherwise, this middle-aged guy wouldn't have been nominated and certainly wouldn't have won. But I was and I did, which was an incredible honor.
I told you so back in the day. :D

It was obvious that you loved the project even before you started writing it up. And I'm just thrilled that it got the recognition that it deserved. I still want to go back and review for you, but it may take some time.
Thanks again, both for the kind words and for the encouragement last year to trap that plot bunny on paper.

Also, I fully understand the precious commodity that time is, especially while trying to keep up with a promised publication schedule for a new story. Writing reviews on top of that can seem like an extravagant luxury. No problem, if you don't get around to reviews. However, if you can eventually manage it, I'd love to hear your feedback. Your on-going support of this sometimes reluctant writer is still appreciated either way, so no pressure.
You're very welcome. I just remember how badly the bunny was eating your brain at the time. I'm just so happy it agreed to be written down. Not only that, it netted you those awards. I absolutely stand behind you getting both of those guys, mostly especially for Supporting Cast.

And it really is a nightmare trying to make time to read the serial fics right. With Heirs now amping up into the huge action arc that it is, I'm even losing sleep for the time. *LOL* And I'd love to be able to give you feedback, because goodness knows you deserve it. I only hate that I haven't had the time before now to even say it.

*hugs* I really miss you at times, Brian. I read a book about the way things were run in the Reeveverse that you would have love, if only to argue the point that the Salkinds are insane. I thought of you the whole time I was reading it.
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